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Quality control procedure

Before sending to the customer, each machine is tested, as part of the output quality control procedure, consisting of five steps: general inspection, measurements of geometric accuracy, functional tests, technical verification and final acceptance by completeness. All work is carried out by the best professionals who use a specialized electronic data processing system.

Full Documentationquality management system according to ISO 9001

All processes affecting the quality of production are carefully monitored and constantly optimized in accordance with the quality management system according to ISO 9001. The test and acceptance reports contain detailed data on the performance, production process and accuracy of each machine

Service guarantees

Our service guarantees the use of the potential of the equipment. Our qualified staff will take care of everything from installation and maintenance to repair and modernization of machines. A network of spare parts suppliers guarantees fast deliveries. Preventive maintenance – scheduled service

Technical Department

Our experienced technologists, designers and trade consultants have both technical competence and knowledge of specific industries, so they will help you to take the machine, cutting tools, tooling and optimal technology, ideally suited to your needs and financial capabilities.

About company

Keodo Seiki is a machine tool company headed by the Japanese design bureau, whose main activity is the development and introduction of modern metalworking equipment into production. The Keodo Seiki Bureau has established production in China against the background of intensive industrial development of the country to ensure high demand for high-tech and reliable equipment. The popularity of Keodo Seiki products in the Asian market has given the opportunity to promote products in Europe, North and South America. To reduce the cost of the final the enterprise has its own production sites, and also carries out batch orders according to the OEM scheme. All production facilities of Keodo Seiki partners are tested according to international standards, components are subject to input control according to Japanese standards, and the equipment itself undergoes mandatory output control by Japanese specialists. Each node installed in the equipment is coordinated with the design The bureau is at the highest level to maintain the permanent reliability status of machines under the Keodo Seiki brand. We are constantly improving our products and introducing innovations. For many years we have been working with Siemens and Fanuc companies, which supply CNC machines for our machines. Both manufacturers offer an excellent performance-price ratio and guarantee technical support.


To get up-to-date information on catalogs, you need to make a request to the commercial department.


We offer reliable service throughout the country – it will be performed by our highly qualified specialists and engineers. The network of suppliers of spare parts and the availability of spare parts in our warehouse, including partially in Russia, guarantee the efficiency of the provision of repair services.

Order a service

Manufacturing of parts by samples and demonstration of machines


Installation / commissioning and instruction


Personnel training and maintenance training

Preventive maintenance

Inspection and maintenance


Repair of equipment and spare parts Equipment warranty - insurance

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