Horizontal milling center HMS

Single pallet machine


The machine is applied to the digital simulation model by optimizing the design and the characteristic parameters of the joint surface of the moving parts, which improves the rigidity of the machine components. In the process of structural optimization design of the machine, the topological optimization design of the main components is carried out to improve the static and dynamic characteristics of the machine.

The main structural parts of the machine are resin sand castings. Dual pallets and АТС are fixed on the machine bed, ensuring the overall rigidity of the machine.

«T» type integral casting bed structure, based on finite element analysis, the design of the bed is reasonable in structure and the ribs are properly arranged, so it has high enough static and dynamic stiffness and accuracy maintainability.

Technical Parameters
Item HMS550 HMS650 HMS850
Taper of spindle No.50 (7:24) No.50 (7:24) No.50 (7:24)
configuration Max. spindle speed st/opt rpm 8000/12000 8000/12000 8000/12000
configuration Max.Spindle motor power st/opt Kw 18.5/22/25/30 18.5/22/25/30 18.5/22/25/30
Mах. spindle torque output st/opt Nm 292/420 292/420 292/420
X/Y/Z axis guideway LinearRollerGuideway LinearRollerGuideway LinearRollerGuideway
X/Y/Z axis coordinate travel mm 780/750/800 1050/900/900 1050/900/900
X/Y/Z axis rapid traverse speed m/min 54 54 54
X/Y/Z axis maximum cutting speed m/min 20 20 20
Tool magazine capacity T 40 (0pt:60/80/120) 40 (0pt:60/80/120) 40 (0pt:60/80/120)
Too ls hank Type BT50 BT50 BT50
Max. tool length mm 500 500 500
Max.tool weight Kg 25 25 25
Max.tool diameter (adjacent/empty) mm Ø115(Ø270) Ø115(Ø270) Ø115(Ø270)
Tool change time (T-T) s 2 2 2
X/Y/Z Positioning accuracy mm 0.008 0.010 0.010
X/Y/Z Repeatability accuracy mm 0.005 0.006 0.006
No. of Pallet 2 Single table Single table
Table type IT Opr:BRT IT Opr:BRT IT Opr:BRT
Max. table load Kg 800 1300 2000
CNC controller FANUC 31i FANUC 31i FANUC 31i
Worktable size (LxW) mm 500/500 630/630 800/800
Machine dimension(LxWxH) mm 4912/3200/3125 4450 / 3342 / 3350 5050/3682/3827
Machine weight Kg 14000 16500 21000